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approach to training

My approach to training can be summed up in one phrase (motto, tagline, or mission - whatever you want to call it):

Better training through better relationships.

That's the short version, anyway. The long version? My approach to training keeps the following four principles in mind - whether I'm working with my own SideKick, I'm working with your SideKick, or I'm helping you work with your SideKick!

Humane, Force-Free & Reward-Based methods are the way to go.

I do not condone or use methods that inflict physical or psychological pain on the learner (whether that is the dog or the human learner); instead I use science-based, force-free, humane, and reward-based methods that are not only more effective than outdated alternatives, but also strengthen the bond we have with our dogs. I'm consistently on the hunt for books, webinars, seminars, and conferences that will teach me how to be a better teacher to my our furry SideKicks and my human clients with the latest, most effective, science-based techniques.

Give your dog choices.

This may sound like a crazy suggestion, but hear me out. I'm not suggesting we let our dogs run wild and do anything and everything they want; but, as it is, we control so much in our dogs’ lives: when they eat, how much they eat, when they go for walks or outside to play, etc. Having some control and choices can greatly enhance your dog’s quality of life. Force-free, reward-based training methods allow you to offer your dog a variety of safe choices that work for them (gets them what they want) and that work for you! These methods empower your dog to be part of the learning process and help to breed a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Dogs are gonna dog.

This may seem obvious, but dogs chase things; they lick their butts; they eat random things they find (whether or not it's food). Dogs have a lot of natural behaviors that don't always jive with what is socially acceptable in the human world. Taking the time to understand your dog - dog behavior, what motivates them in a variety of situations, and how to work with their natural behaviors - will make it easier to communicate with your dog, help them navigate the rules of the human world, and build a solid relationship with your dog. Simply put, dogs do dog things and we can't expect them to know otherwise until we take the time to teach them alternatives that are better for them and for us. 

Have fun!

Learning is more effective when it's fun! Just like we play games with kids, making training and learning fun for your SideKick keeps them (and you!) more engaged; it's easier to pick up new things - and to remember them later on; and your SideKick will be more excited to come back for more!


Better training through better relationships.



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