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Whether you have long work days or a busy life schedule all around, dog walks are a convenient way to provide your SideKick with physical and mental exercise, a bathroom break, and social interaction - so they're as tired as you are at the end of the day!
You can rest easy, knowing your SideKick is in capable hands with me - an experienced dog handler, using force free and reward-based handling and walking! Let me put my experience to work for you and your SideKick!

Who reaps the benefits of regular dog walking?


YOU! You're busy with work and life; I can take this off your plate for you to focus on other things!


Puppy or senior SideKicks in need of more frequent potty breaks.


Newly adopted dogs who may not be used to a full work day home alone.


High-energy SideKicks in need of a little extra exercise.

What is included in dog walks with me?

Each dog walk includes the following:

  • A walk (pretty self-explanatory)

  • Enrichment activities on a really rainy, snowy, cold, or hot day

  • Refilled water bowl and a small snack (a treat or two per your instructions)

  • A photo or two of how much fun we had on our walk!

Pricing and Availability

  • 15 minutes (potty break visit) = $17.00 (a brief walk to the end of the block or in the yard)

  • 30 minutes = $25.00


  • Dog walking is available Monday through Friday between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

  • Regardless of size, I walk a maximum of two dogs at a time (from the same household) to be able to offer them each personal attention during our walks!

  • An additional $5.00 per walk is added to dog walking requests that include a second dog and same-day dog walking requests.

  • An additional $10.00 per walk is added to dog walking requests that include a major holiday.

Is your SideKick...a handful?

I have experience with and am happy to walk the dogs who need a little extra TLC - the ones who bark, lunge at other dogs and people, need some extra help learning how to walk well on leash (puppy or adult), or are a little shy / afraid of the big, wide world.


I offer Training Walks for these SideKicks!


Training Walks are available for folks who have gone through or are going through Private Training with me and who are actively continuing to work on their SideKick's behavior on their own. Training Walks are available to give you a little extra help with outings that work on the training plan in place.

Past and present Private Training clients can contact me for availability and pricing.


Pet sitting


Finding a reliable pet sitter can be a daunting task! That's where I can help you and your SideKick!


The pet sitting I offer is in your home, so you can keep your SideKick comfortable in their own home, with their regular schedule, reducing the stress of your absence!

Pet sitting includes all of the following:

Walks (if desired)

Potty breaks

Play and enrichment

Feeding & changing water

If you're going to be gone for an extended trip, I'm happy to bring in the mail and newspapers, water plants, and adjust lights & blinds for security.


$100.00 / Night

Overnight pet sitting involves the following:

  • In-home care overnight (guaranteed 9:00 pm to 7:00 am)

  • A mid-day visit/potty break or walk (depending on your preferences)

  • A visit for dinner and a potty break

* If you need extra accommodations (extra visits or more time spent in the home with your SideKick), I'm happy to provide that; contact me for a quote!


$60.00 / Day

Three 30-minute visits per day: between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm

If you're going to be gone for a short trip and need someone to look in on your SideKick a few times a day, this option may appeal to you more than overnight pet sitting!

* Daily pet sitting is only an option for a maximum of four consecutive days. Beyond four days, I ask that you consider overnight pet sitting to adequately address your SideKick's needs in terms of exercise, social interaction, and enrichment.

* Additionally, daily pet sitting is not available for puppies under the age of 12 months.


  • An additional $5.00 per night/visit is added to requests (overnight or daily pet sitting) that include a second dog and weekend days (Saturday and Sunday).

  • An additional $5.00 per night is added to overnight pet sitting requests that exceed ten nights.

  • An additional $10.00 per night/day is added to overnight or daily pet sitting requests that include a major holiday.

  • An additional $50.00 per night is added to overnight pet sitting requests for puppies under the age of 8 months.

  • Need cat care along with your dog? Add an additional $10.00 per night/day to overnight or daily pet sitting requests for any number of cats.

Questions? Send me a message for more info!

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