So, you brought home a cute, fuzzy puppy and you were so excited to add to your household! But, the honeymoon phase has worn off and you're concerned that you've actually brought home a raptor with the speed of a cheetah, the stealth of a ninja, and the teeth of a tiny shark.

Don't feel bad if you're wondering, "What have I done?" And know that you are definitely not the first person to feel like you've maybe bitten off more than you can chew welcoming a puppy into your home. Anyone who has had a puppy can tell you they went through the same thing.

That still leaves the question, "What can I do to tame this beast?" The answer is simple: Training!

That's where Intro to Training comes in!

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI

Intro to Training is a course that uses force-free, positive reinforcement training to make learning fun and interesting for you and your puppy! The course includes all of the following:

  • Step-by-step instructions to learn how to teach your puppy the basics of dog manners (Sit, Down, Leave It, Drop It, Loose Leash Walking, Come, and Settling on a Mat)

  • Tips for managing and preventing common puppy behaviors, such as jumping, chewing, puppy biting/nipping, potty training/house training, etc.

  • An introduction to mentally enriching games and activities for your puppy!

  • Ideas for successfully introducing your puppy to novel places, people, sounds, and animals!

Your puppy is a sponge at this age - ready to soak up everything you want to teach them; there's no better time to begin forming a strong, trusting relationship with your puppy!

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI
Intro to Training: $300

WHO  You and your puppy one-on-one with a certified dog trainer.

WHAT  A comprehensive introduction to the basics of dog training.

WHEN  Four 60 minute sessions scheduled when they fit best in your calendar!

WHERE  The comfort of your own home!

WHY  To begin developing a strong, trusting relationship and teach your SideKick manners they'll use the rest of their lives!

Do you have an adult dog, who sounds like they could benefit from the Intro to Training course...?

We've got you covered! The course can (and is) easily modified for an adult dog! Ask us how!

Ready to get a jump on training?

Note: Travel to addresses more than 25 miles from Whitefish Bay, WI may add a Travel Fee to the cost of training. Contact me with your address to find out if you're in SideKick Dog Training's service area.

Questions? Send me a message for more info!

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SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI


From Julia B.

"I highly recommend Jenn for anyone looking for in home dog training. Jenn is so knowledgeable and gave us lots of tools to work on behavior. A few days after the first session we were already seeing results."

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI


From Samantha P.

"Wonderful trainer, very nice and professional. Clear understanding of dog behavior, and able to answer questions and concerns! Highly recommend!"

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI


From Kate S.

"Jenn was extremely knowledgeable, flexible and understanding. A great experience!"