board & train

Board & Train is a unique service that SideKick Dog Training is proud to offer! We're one of just a handful in Wisconsin offering this service with force-free, reward-based methods!

Sending your dog for our Board & Train is similar to sending your kid to Summer camp - you may not be there with them, but you can rest assured that your SideKick is getting personalized, one-on-one attention with a professional trainer! That's right! We board only one dog at a time to optimize the time spent with your dog and customize their experience to your goals and family! Your dog becomes one of our trainer's own during their stay! Your dog or puppy will get lots of affection, playtime, daily walks or hikes, multiple small training sessions throughout each day, and lots of physical and mental stimulation. And you'll receive daily progress reports through check-ins and videos to see how your SideKick is doing! The time spent with your dog will be efficient, goal-oriented, safe, and FUN! 

Should you choose to send your dog for Board & Train with SideKick Dog Training, Leann will be your dog's trainer! She'll be your dog’s teacher for the duration of their stay, guiding them and supporting them through their learning journey on her 2.75 acres in Helenville, WI.


Board & Train is not a quick fix for every behavior problem and not every dog will be appropriate for a Board & Train experience. Below are some common examples of dogs who may benefit!



  • Need help jump-starting your puppy’s socialization?

  • How about working on his/her tolerance to handling and husbandry, introduction to the crate, sociability with other appropriate adult dogs, and potty training?

  • Puppies will be perfect for this program, and Leann enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to give your puppy the very best start!

Adolescent dogs needing training refreshers!

  • Does your adolescent doggo seem to have selective hearing...?

  • Have you noticed some regression in your dog’s skills, such as basic manners, recalls, and leash walking skills?

  • Does your dog get overly excited when seeing other dogs out and about in public?

  • Leann can help your dog become their best self with daily experiences meant to meet their social, emotional, physical, and mental needs with a balance between fun and structured training! 

Newly adopted dogs without much training under their belts!

  • Leann worked in a shelter environment previously and understands that many adoption agencies and rescues transport dogs from other states - and many of the dogs have unknown backgrounds.

  • Often, there's little evidence that the dogs have had much exposure to training and know very few functional cues.

  • Leann can help your dog learn some of the basics – sit, down, wait, come when called (recall), and polite leash walking…to name a few.!


The Board & Train program involves a two-week minimum commitment to begin and the program cost includes the following:

  • Picking up your dog from your home and returning your dog at the end of their stay

  • Regular check-ins via text and videos

  • Instructional videos of the exercises and activities your dog enjoys during their stay

  • A one-hour Transfer Session when your dog is returned home

  • On-going support after the program ends

Board & Train Cost: $795/week


If you have questions or are interested in registering your dog for the Board & Train program, please click the button to complete the Board & Train Inquiry Form!

The information collected in the form will provide us with some basic information about you, your dog, and your goals or concerns! We can, then, touch base to share more details about the Board & Train program, discuss whether or not Board & Train is a good fit for your dog and goals, and provide an idea of availability!

Note: This is a popular program and accepting only one dog at a time means it is booked out well in advance (we are currently booking into 2022!); if you're looking for a particular timeframe (because of a vacation or specific goal), it's encouraged that you reach out at least a couple months in advance!