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We understand that life can get pretty busy:

  • With young children and/or their extracurriculars

  • With a hefty work schedule

  • With a young puppy who needs a lot of attention, care, and training to get a great start and learn how to navigate this challenging human world

  • With a puppy who, after just a blink, turned into a 10-month old adolescent (who is much bigger and is still just as rambunctious...)

And all of that is ok! That's where our Home School program can come into play for you and your SideKick! You can give your puppy or dog a jumpstart, a solid training foundation, or concentrated, in-depth assistance - all while you're at work, running errands, at appointments, etc. They say it takes a village, right?

Click the button to set up a Home School Consultation to chat more about our program, see if your family and your SideKick would be a good fit, and to get the ball rolling with a program that is tailored to your dog and to your goals!


Our Home School program is designed around your personal goals, your dog’s individual personality, and the needs of your dog and family! Home School resembles our Board & Train program, but with the convenience of the trainer coming to your home - where your dog spends the majority of their time. Plus, your dog is home in the evenings still for you to love on and enjoy! Overall, it's a great option for families, busy professionals, and folks who really want a dog who meshes well with their family, but who may not have the time and energy to do it all on their own!

Home School isn't a quick fix for lasting behavior change, but, rather, it helps lay a solid training foundation for your family to build on, maintain, and enjoy! A wide variety of dogs can benefit from this program:

  • Puppies needing a jump-start on socialization, handling and husbandry, and a solid foundation of manners.

  • Adolescent doggos who haven't had much training before, who need a refresher on some of the skills that have regressed with this particularly fun life-stage, or who struggle with distractions/distracting environments.

  • Doggos who are relatively new to your household and who don't have a lot of training experience or skills already

Note: Your dog is likely not a good fit for this program if they struggle with strangers, are shy or fearful of humans outside the family, or display guarding behaviors toward humans.

So, how does it work!?

  1. Book a Home School Consultation to start; this gives us the opportunity to meet you and your dog, gather some good history, put together a management plan for the family, and set clear training goals for the program! We'll put together a program that includes the number of weeks and number of sessions per week to work toward your goals and lay the foundation you're looking for.

  2. Once you and your dog give the green light for the program, your trainer will come to visit your dog several times a week (sessions last about 45 minutes and you do not need to be there)! A brief report is provided after each session to let you know when your trainer was with your dog, what they worked on with your dog that day, and how things went!

  3. At the end of the week, you'll meet with your trainer to go over everything your dog has been learning, get some homework to keep up with things, and work on transferring some of the skills to you!


The Home School program involves a minimum of three weeks to start and includes the following:

  • A SideKick Starter Kit (treat pouch & other small goodies)

  • Three or four sessions during the week between just the trainer and your dog (you do not need to be present for these)

  • A short report with each session your trainer has with your dog about what they worked on that day and how things went

  • A 60 minute Transfer Lesson at the end of each week of the Home School program (you do need to be present for this)

  • On-going support after the program ends to maintain the training and navigate any issues that come up

Home School Cost: $495 to $610/week
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SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training
SideKick Dog Training


If you are interested in registering your dog for the Home School program, click the button to get a Home School Consultation on the books!

The consultation will provide us with some basic information about you, your dog, and your goals or concerns! You and your dog will get a feel for the trainer and we'll be able to put together a Home School program that fits your dog, your goals and needs, and your home!

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