Jenn Prill

My love of and passion for dogs extends back to my childhood; like a lot of other pet professionals, I grew up with dogs and adored having them around! It wasn't until several years into my professional career that I realized I wasn't in a field I enjoyed, in a job I enjoyed, and working in an office just wasn't for me. I decided to pursue dog training and fell in love immediately; I already had a background in psychology, so the transition to using it with dogs was easy! In 2016, I founded SideKick Dog Training, working with folks and their dogs on weekends and evenings until early 2019, when I quit the cubicle and started working with dogs full-time! From the very beginning, I have loved every opportunity I've had to get to know both the furry and human ends of the leash!

I currently share my home with my husband, Cody, and our sweet, sensitive, and smart SideKick, Ruby, who often provides me with opportunities to learn and grow as a dog trainer (wink, wink). Setting aside the things we have to work on with Ruby, she and I really love working on her Trick Dog Titles through Do More With Your Dog!

When I'm not training, learning about training, or reading about training...I like camping, hiking, swimming, and getting outside during the Summer and hibernating with a pair of knitting needles and a Netflix show during the Winter months. I enjoy cooking and baking, and, in general, making things - I even have a second business for homemade home decorations (called By Jenn Rose)! On top of all that, I LOVE my growing collection of plants, cacti, and succulents - and spreading them out in every room of the house my husband and I bought at the end of 2020 (the whole year wasn't ALL bad)!


Jenn's service area for in-person sessions is the approximately 15 miles radius surrounding Wauwatosa, WI; Travel Fees may apply to sessions outside her service area.


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