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Leann Boucha

trainer & Behavior consultant

Master of Education (MEd)
Certified Behavior Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA)

Certified Family Dog Mediator (FDM)

Hey everyone, I’m Leann! I live in Jefferson County, WI, on 2.75 acres - my absolute dreamscape for training all the things with my dogs! My husband and I have 2 dogs and a cat and our lives absolutely and without question revolve around them. (I wouldn’t have it any other way to be clear!) I enjoy trick training with my pups, hiking as many times each week as possible, and always look forward to a summer of standup paddle boarding with both dogs!

From 2011 to 2021, I worked at the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) in Waukesha, WI, and was the manager of the Behavior Department from 2015 to 2021. With so much hands-on experience with a magnificently varied range of purebred and mixed-breed shelter dogs, I’ve gained much confidence and many skills over the years to work with a number of behavior issues that families often struggle with. I adore working with new puppy and dog owners and welcoming them into a world of compassionate dog training, filled with education on canine body language and enrichment strategies for behavioral wellness. But, I also like helping owners with dogs with anxiety or reactivity, as I feel that the breakthroughs that these clients make allow for such relief and improved quality of life for the entire family.


Personally and professionally, I adore continuing education opportunities. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Carroll University in Biology, with an emphasis in Animal Behavior, in 2012. Following that, I received my Master’s Degree in Adult in Continuing Education in 2019. I have an extensive library (virtually and physically) of journals, courses, webinars, and books that I reference often; and I attend conferences and seminars whenever possible! I am highly visual and hands-on, which is what I prefer to be for my clients, too.


If I can get you closer to your goals, and closer to a connected relationship with your dog while doing so, I’ll be extraordinarily happy. Let’s do this, SideKick!

SideKick Dog Training Milwaukee

Leann's service area for in-person sessions is the approximately 15 miles radius surrounding Sullivan, WI; Travel Fees may apply to sessions outside her service area.

SideKick Dog Training Milwaukee
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