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Private Training

How could Private Training help you and your SideKick?

Private Training provides you with practical dog training strategies personalized and specialized to you and your dog.

It’s convenient: you’re able to learn training techniques in the comfort of your own home when it works best for your schedule!

One-on-one time with a certified dog trainer provides the opportunity for learning at your pace and your dog’s pace!

The sky is truly the limit! We can address a wide variety of behaviors, concerns or issues, and dog training goals.

Private Training is a great option for:

  • Teaching everyday life skills, including walking nicely on leash, coming when called, and other basic behaviors

  • Frustrating behaviors, including jumping on guests, counter surfing, and mouthing or nipping

  • Concerning behaviors, such as over-reacting to other dogs or people (or other things) on walks, resource guarding, and barking and/or lunging at guests

  • Puppy basics like house training, socialization, kennel training, and chewing

  • Pre- and post-adoption assistance

  • And so much more!

Note: If you suspect that your SideKick may be struggling with separation anxiety, we offer assistance that is specifically geared toward that! Visit the Separation Anxiety page for information and details!



SideKick Dog Training offers two separate in-person service areas:

Jennifer Prill services an approximate radius of 15 miles around Wauwatosa, WI (Milwaukee County).​

Leann Boucha services an approximate radius of 15 miles around Sullivan, WI (Jefferson County).

A Travel Fee may be charged if your address is outside of the selected trainer’s in-person service area.

HOW DOES private training WORK?


initial session

Private Training with SideKick Dog Training starts with an Initial Session, so we can hash out what your dog training goals are and figure out what we can start doing right away to work toward them!

you have options!

After your Initial Session, you're not left hanging; we'll recommend the best training route for your goals!

Initial Session


Private Training with SideKick Dog Training begins with a 90-minute Initial Session! This session and the discussion involved gives us a chance to:

  • Learn more about your dog and your dog's history

  • Figure out your training goals and concerns

  • Provide management ideas and strategies to see improvement and relief right away, as well as begin a couple of exercises or activities

  • And begin working on a plan for going forward with your SideKick! 

The ultimate goal of the Initial Session - and training, in general - is to provide you with the tools you need to work with your SideKick successfully! To help with that, a summary of your session is sent afterward, so you have materials to reference, look back on, and share with the whole family!

SideKick Dog Training Milwaukee

Click the "REGISTER TODAY!" button to complete the Initial Session Registration Form and book your Initial Session online - all within a few clicks. It's that easy!


Initial Session Cost: $200.00


Near the end of or after your Initial Session, we'll provide you with a couple or a few next-step options for additional training with your SideKick! What we recommend is based on your goals, your specific concerns, what we're able to accomplish in your Initial Session, your dog, as well as your family and lifestyle!

Your Initial Session could be used to bridge the gap between now and the start of the next set of Group Classes or provide you with some things to work on with your SideKick before they come to us for a Board & Train stay. Or you may choose to continue along the Private Training route, which gives you a couple of options:

Follow-Up Sesson
Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-Up Sessions are 60-minute sessions that give us the chance to practice "in the wild" demonstrations of what was covered in your Initial Session; you have the chance to see how we might handle various situations and/or we can set up scenarios to work on specific things with your dog that you can replicate later on!

Follow-Up Sessions may be held in-person at your home, a preferred public location (such as a park), or remote via Zoom.

Singular Follow-Up Sessions are $150.00 per session.
Training Programs

Training Programs include three or more in-person/in-home or remote (via Zoom) 60-minute Follow-Up Sessions. Programs give us the opportunity to address multiple behaviors or concerns and see progress over the course of the sessions! They offer accountability and it's easier to tailor exercises and activities to family and lifestyle, as well as your dog and their pace of learning!

Click the arrow or scroll down to see more details about the specific Training Programs we offer!

training programs

Based on some common difficulties, frustrations, and goals, we offer a few different Training Programs that are "preset" and include a variety of strategies and skills to address those difficulties and goals! However, all Training Programs include the following:

  • A SideKick Starter Kit, which includes a bag of training treats, a handy treat pouch, and a clicker!

  • Exclusive access to a collection of resources, articles, videos, links, etc. in the Client Portal!
  • An electronic Training Log (Microsoft Word document) to keep track of homework, practice sessions, successes and progress, areas of improvement between sessions, etc.

  • The ability to submit videos of your training sessions and practice for us to review and provide tips, ideas, and suggestions for improvement (or kudos for a job well done!)!

  • A link to schedule a photography session with Unleashed with Love that includes a $25 discount exclusively for clients continuing their training with a Training Program!

  • A "client for life" guarantee - unlimited, lifetime email support for anything that comes up before, during, and after in-person sessions!

Any Training Program can be modified and customized further - and they often are! This includes modifying a program to be a mix of in-person and remote sessions, and being flexible with the techniques, tools, and exercises we use so that your program is tailored to you, your family, and your SideKick!

Training Progams
Custom Training Programs

If one of the "preset" Training Programs we offer doesn't fit your needs or your SideKick's needs, we are happy to build a Custom Training Program with you! A Custom Training Program is exactly that: custom! We can pick and choose any behaviors, exercises, or cues you'd like to learn or work on! The cost of the Training Program is, dependent on those goals and/or concerns and an accurate quote is provided with the program we build for you!

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