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separation anxiety

​Do you suspect that your SideKick may have separation anxiety...?

  • Does your dog appear stressed (panting or pacing) as you're getting ready to leave?

  • Do you hear your dog whining, barking, or howling as you walk out the door?

  • Are you coming home to find your dog has chewed something or they've had an accident?

Answering Yes to some or all of the questions above may indicate that your dog has some anxiety being left alone or separated from you, but what is separation anxiety really...?

Separation anxiety is a phobia or panic disorder. Think of the person you know who is afraid of spiders or snakes - it's like that for your dog, but with being alone! Anxiety is not something your dog can control - your dog isn't angry with you for leaving or having accidents when you're gone to spite you. Dogs with separation anxiety are experiencing intense distress and fear that, unfortunately, cannot be "fixed" or "cured" with treats or getting a sturdier crate or kennel.

SideKick Dog Training Milwaukee

Thankfully, there is help!

It all starts with a remote Separation Anxiety Initial Session! With this 90-minute Zoom session (and other remote video options), we're able - and happy! - to help you navigate the process of assessing your dog's behavior, setting up strategies to manage your dog's anxiety, and provide you with the tools and continued support you need to have your dog feeling more comfortable alone!

The sooner you and your SideKick get started, the sooner everyone in your home can breathe easier!



Click the "REGISTER TODAY!" button to complete the Separation Anxiety Initial Session Registration Form and book your remote session online - all within a few clicks. It's that easy!

Separation Anxiety Initial Session Cost: $200.00

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