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Yep! Though we often imagine our canine friends when we think of the SideKicks in our lives, lots of folks have feline friends, too! Cats are, of course, much different than dogs and can present a whole different host of behavior concerns and goals. Whether you're inviting a cat into your home for the first time or bringing a new cat or kitten home to a household with a dog or cat already living there, you may need some help and we're happy to be there for you!

Leann has worked with cat behavior issues since 2014, performing hotline triage and cat behavior consultations - both in-home and remote. Leann completed a cat behavior and retention course in 2015 and has created an in-person kitten socialization curriculum in the past! Leann lives with three adult cats of her own, and regularly fosters and raises kittens, too! All of this is to say, she's your gal!

SideKick Dog Training Milwaukee


Leann likes to coach her clients on what is considered "normal" cat behavior, as there are many considerations to environmental enrichment and safety (from the cat’s point of view) that can be improved upon in many homes. These changes often greatly improve the chances of success with a behavior modification program and add much to your cat’s quality of life! Leann can help with a wide variety of feline-specific behavior problems, including but not limited to:

  • Litterbox issues

  • Spraying

  • Intra-household aggression

  • Inappropriate/play biting

  • New cat introductions

  • Dog and cat introductions

Help from Leann starts with a 90-minute Cat Behavior Initial Session; this session is discussion-based and gives Leann a chance to gather information about your cat(s) and any other animals in the home, your concerns, and your goals! After spending some time together, she'll get you started with a program of management and behavior modification strategies best suited to fit your needs!



Click the "REGISTER TODAY!" button to complete the Cat Behavior Initial Session Registration Form and book your session online - all within a few clicks. It's that easy!

Cat Behavior Initial Session: $120.00

SideKick Dog Training Milwaukee
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