I can help you address all of these concerns and so much more! Learn more about how you can get the (tennis) ball rolling with an Initial Session!

Tired of your SideKick dragging you down the street for a "walk"?

Need some help working on your SideKick's barking? Counter surfing? Jumping?

Does your SideKick overreact at the sight of other dogs or people?

why is PRIVATE DOG TRAINING a great fit for you and your sidekick...?

Private Training provides you with practical dog training strategies personalized and specialized to you and your dog.

It’s convenient: you’re able to learn training techniques in the comfort of your own home when it works best for your schedule!

One-on-one with a certified dog trainer provides the opportunity for learning at your pace and your dog’s pace!

With Private Training, we can address a wide variety of behaviors, concerns/issues, and dog training goals!

  • Everyday life skills like leash walking skills, coming when called, house training, and other dog manners

  • Frustrating behaviors, such as jumping, counter surfing, and mouthing/nipping

  • Concerning behaviors, such as over-reacting to other dogs or people on walks

initial session

All Private Training with me starts with an Initial Session, so we can hash out what your dog training goals are and figure out what we can start doing right away to work toward them!

training program

After your Initial Session, you're not left hanging; I'll recommend the best Training Program for your goals and help you navigate the options available to you!



When you decide to bring a professional into your home, I think it's important that you can trust the business, as well as the people behind the business.


SideKick Dog Training has only one wizard behind the curtain - and that's me, Jenn Prill!

As a certified dog trainer, I'm dedicated to learning the latest and greatest in dog training - and sharing that with you and your SideKick!

connect with sidekick dog training

You can find SideKick Dog Training on Facebook, where I post a variety of tips, interesting articles, and, OF COURSE, cute dog pictures!

approach to dog training

I value transparency and I'm more than happy to explain how I'm doing what I'm doing and why! (To be honest, you'd probably have a hard time getting me to shut up about it!).

skdt blog

The SKDT Blog is where I post (on a monthly basis) about my interests, things I've learned, and things I'd love you to learn about - all related to dogs and dog training, of course!

frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most-asked questions about SideKick Dog Training, about me, and the training methods I use!

Questions? Send me a message for more info!

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI


From Julia B.

"I highly recommend Jenn for anyone looking for in home dog training. Jenn is so knowledgeable and gave us lots of tools to work on behavior. A few days after the first session we were already seeing results."

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI


From Samantha P.

"Wonderful trainer, very nice and professional. Clear understanding of dog behavior, and able to answer questions and concerns! Highly recommend!"

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI


From Kate S.

"Jenn was extremely knowledgeable, flexible and understanding. A great experience!"

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