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Focus & Control
week 5 homework


Continue practicing the skills from the prior week - try them out in new locations and slowly increase difficulty level (think about duration, distraction level, and/or distance from distractions):

  • Relaxation (Home Base or mat work) and massage

  • Engagement with you

    • Rewarding eye contact or looking at you

    • Capturing the "good" behaviors you like

  • Hand Target

  • Find it!

  • 1-2-3 Walking Pattern Game

  • Whiplash Turn

  • Run Away!

  • Go to your Mat

  • Open bar / Closed bar

  • The Look at That (LAT) Game

  • Tricks / Play

  • Ping-Pong Pattern Game

  • Up and Down Pattern Game

  • Continue to maintain management of your dog's reactive behavior

Homework Items

There were no new behaviors introduced this week; instead, we practiced a few carefully set up scenarios that allowed you to practice any or all of the above behaviors you've learned thus far in class. Work on practicing each of these skills in your daily life; find out which behaviors or strategies seem to be the best fit for you, your dog, the situations you're working in, as well as with the various triggers you and your dog encounter.

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