Private Training with me starts with a 60 minute Initial Session; this session is discussion-based and gives me the chance to gather information about your dog, your concerns, and your goals. Getting as much information as I can helps me to provide ideas and strategies that are going to be a good fit for you, your family, your lifestyle, and your dog, so that everyone can see and feel some relief right now! I always send a summary of our session after the fact, so you have some materials to reference and look back on. With some breathing room from the problems you're experiencing, teaching and learning new things becomes a lot easier for everyone!


Beyond the Initial Session, the number of sessions needed is based on your goals, your specific concerns, and, of course, your dog! You may get everything you want from just the Initial Session; or I may suggest a Training Program or group class that fits your needs and helps you reach your goals!


You have the option of an in-person Initial Session or a remote Initial Session. And you might be thinking, "Could I actually get any help with a remote session?" Or, "Don't you need to see my dog in action?"

The answers are yes, you can get lots of help with a remote session - modern technology is really great that way! And, no, I don't need to see your dog doing those undesirable behaviors (I wrote a blog post about why I actually prefer not to see the behavior in most cases)!

Remote sessions have a bunch of benefits:

  • It's easier for your dog (and, by extension, you) to focus! Visitors can be very distracting and/or very stressful for lots of dogs and remote sessions avoid that completely! This makes learning easier and faster for everyone and we can cover more ground, answering more of your questions in the Initial Session!

  • You can get the help you need wherever you are! Service areas and Travel Fees don't apply to remote sessions, so you could live anywhere nationwide (or even overseas) and still get assistance with your dog from the comfort of your home (in your pajamas even - I don't care)!

  • A recording of the session can be provided upon request! If you would like it or if you're worried you may miss something, let me know and I can record it for us! You could easily go back later to watch/listen (and, of course, re-live my excellent puns) as often as you'd like!

  • In-person COVID-19 precautions and policies don't apply to remote sessions! This means the whole family can join in on the session and the session doesn't need to be outside...where it is too hot/rainy/cold/icy/snowy (this is Wisconsin; it could be any of those at any given time).

  • Finally, remote sessions are safer than in-person sessions. As COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin continue to climb daily, remote sessions take the guess work out of who may be infected, who has been exposed without their knowledge, and the level of risk involved in meeting in-person. The cost of in-person training has also been raised to reflect the added health risk. Simply put, you can't get COVID-19 through a computer or device screen!

The ultimate goal of the Initial Session - and training, in general - is to provide you with the tools you need to work with your SideKick successfully; I'm so happy that remote sessions open another window of opportunity for me and for you!



Click the "REGISTER TODAY!" button to complete the Initial Session Registration Form and book your Initial Session online - all within a few clicks. It's that easy!

In-Person Initial Session: $150.00

Remote Initial Session: $130.00

For updates related to COVID-19 and in-person services, please visit the COVID-19 policies page of my website and reach out with any questions or concerns!

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