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6 "Bad" Behaviors You May Have Caused

Ok, to say that you may have caused the behaviors is a little bit dramatic, but there are definitely situations we humans inadvertently create, encourage, and reward behaviors that we don't actually like or want to see! Those are the behaviors I'm talking about today!

Below are six behaviors that folks routinely ask for help with, but that they may have had a hand in creating...


This is a big one! A lot of dogs jump - when they're excited, on guests, on their human family, when playing with other dogs, etc. We're looking specifically at the jumping on humans piece here and the simple fact is that SO many people reward a dog for jumping:

  • Guests - especially the family member who comes in with an excited, "Ohmygosh, HI ROVER! HOW ARE YOU, YOU CUTIE PIE!?"

  • Strangers who want to say Hi to your cute puppy - "Oh, it's fine; I love dogs!" (Morgan Freeman narrator: "It was, in fact, not fine to the dog's humans.")

  • Immediate family members encourage it as part of play and greetings and rile the dog up to the point of jumping

If it's a behavior you're not a fan of, there are likely still people in your dog's life (you may be one of them), who are giving pets, praise, and boatloads of attention for your dog jumping on them. And, since it is so effective at getting them what they want, your dog is very likely to continue jumping!