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When the Weather Outside is Frightful...

With it being Winter in Wisconsin - and there likely being several more months of chilly, unpredictable weather, you may be looking for and interested in some indoor options for getting your dog some exercise, enrichment, and socialization! Indoor recess is fun and I'm a huge fan of enrichment - both topics we've covered in this blog before; however, there are times we just want to break out of hibernation and go somewhere with our SideKicks!

Below is a list of places you may consider taking your dog this Winter (or filing away to visit at another time)! You may use some of these places to practice basic skills, get some enrichment with a new environment (and new sniffs!), or get some basic socialization (such as with new surfaces or just watching people go by without saying Hi)!

  • Canine Enrichment Center

  • Sierra Trading Post

SideKick Dog Training
  • Home Depot

  • Fleet Farm

  • Farm n Fleet

  • Home Goods

  • Michael's

  • Joann Fabrics

  • Lowes

  • TJ Maxx

  • Dog City Hotel and Spa

  • Total Wine

  • Rays Liquor (on North Ave)?

  • Some Barnes and Nobles

  • Tractor Supply Co

  • Black Husky Brewing

  • Lost Valley Cider

  • Iron Horse Hotel

  • Ace Hardware

  • Westallion Brewing

  • Cabelas

  • Hobby Lobby

  • LL Bean

  • Pet stores (Pet Supplies Plus, Bentley's Pet Stuff, Bark n Scratch Outpost, Petco, etc.)

  • Redline Canine Training Center & Behavioral Consultation

Before heading out on an indoor adventure with your dog, however, please consider the following disclaimers!

  1. Always double-check that your dog is allowed at the place (and the location, if the place is a chain) by calling and asking directly. This will certainly help avoid any awkward situations or demands that you leave if your dog is not a service dog.

  2. If your dog is not friendly with people or with other dogs, consider very carefully where and when you take your dog - if you take them to public spaces at all. If your dog has a history of barking at, lunging at, or otherwise showing discomfort with other people or dogs, I do not recommend you take your dog to any of the above indoor spaces (or the place may not welcome your dog at all). Safety first!

  3. Keep in mind, though a store may allow dogs, you don't have to bring yours! Some dogs are sensitive to slippery floors, loud noises, large groups of people, strangers, etc. Take a real good look at your SideKick and ask yourself if your dog will genuinely enjoy this experience OR, if they haven't had any experiences like this before, will you be able to make it a super positive, fun experience for them.

  4. Follow basic etiquette when in these public, indoor spaces with your dog! Pick up or clean up after your dog; follow any rules the space may have for folks and their dogs; and be respectful of the other patrons and staff working at these spaces. It only takes a dog/person team or two to ruin it for others!

Have fun on adventures with your SideKicks!

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