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Hello, World!

Woah, what?! SideKick Dog Training has a blog?

That’s right! I’ve got plans and goals for SideKick Dog Training this year and the SKDT Blog is just the start of the fun and excitement to come!

SideKick Dog Training | Private Training Milwaukee WI

What is SideKick Dog Training?

If you aren’t yet familiar with SideKick Dog Training, let me introduce you!

I started SideKick Dog Training in June of 2016 with a two goals in mind:

  1. Provide quality private dog training to the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

  2. Spread the word about force free, positive reinforcement training methods.

Since then, I’ve been sharing my passion, my knowledge, and everything I’m continuing to learn with clients and, really, anyone who will listen!

In a nutshell, though, SideKick Dog Training uses and promotes only the force free, positive reinforcement training methods mentioned above; these methods encourage and build strong, trusting relationships with our dogs (our SideKicks, if you will), which serve as the building blocks for solid training. SideKick Dog Training’s tagline is, “Better training through better relationships,” and it’s something I wholeheartedly believe!

Great question! And one I should have answered right off the bat, huh? I’m Jennifer Prill! I could say, “I love dogs and I’ve had dogs all my life,” but 1) I started a dog training business, so…I think it’s obvious that I kind of like dogs; and 2) anyone can say they’ve had dogs all their lives and use that to reinforce the claim that they’re the best trainer out there.

Instead, here are a few facts about myself:

  • I received my dog training certification from Animal Behavior College.

  • My dog, Ruby, who is plastered all over the SideKick Dog Training website and social media, is and has been my guinea pig and inspiration in all things dog training-related.

  • One of my favorite games is “What’s that breed?” It is just what it sounds like: guessing the breeds of passing dogs.

  • I volunteer on a nearly weekly basis at the Wisconsin Humane Society, teaching puppy and dog manners classes, so I get to see a wide variety of dogs and their quirks.

  • I don't consider myself to be "the best trainer ever," but I’m always striving to be my best by attending seminars, webinars, conferences, and discussions with other dog training professionals.

So, what will the SKDT Blog be about?

SideKick Dog Training | Private Dog Training Milwaukee WI

That’s an easy answer: Dogs! Too broad of a topic? Yeah, I guess so…

I think we can expect the SKDT Blog to be about a wide variety of things to give you a good sense of what I’m all about:

  • Topics I’m passionate about.

  • Topics I want to learn more about.

  • Topics I want you to learn more about.

  • Thoughts about dogs and dog training that have been bouncing around my head and deserve more explanation and discussion than a few sentences on Facebook.

I anticipate posting blogs at least monthly, but, if something piques my interest, I’m sure y’all won’t mind getting a bonus blog here and there!

This turned into a pretty long first blog, but, if you’ve made it this far and you’d like to read up on my ramblings in the future, add your email to the mailing list and get notified each time a new blog is posted!

For more updates and additional information and tidbits, be sure to Like and Follow SideKick Dog Training on Facebook and Instagram!

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